Target audience

The group’s main target group is Nordic university employees who work professionally, wholly or partly, with communication.

Focus areas

  • Offer a platform for expanding individual professional network.
  • Offer competence development for communication officers.
  • Making it easier to share experiences with other communication officers in the Nordic countries.

Possible topics in focus the coming years:

  • New ways of communication after the pandemic.
  • Supporting researchers in handling disinformation, harassment, and counter-fake news.
  • Increase awareness of the international competition.
  • How to make digital transformation possible.
  • The group closely monitors what is in the foreground within communications at the norcic universities at any given time, and if there are certain issues they are dealing with.


Activity goals for 2023 – 2024

NUAS Communication conference in Copenhagen 17. – 19. April 2024

Group leader

Lykke Thostrup

Communications officer
University of Copenhagen