NUAS’ Library Group: Open Science Workshops for Library Directors

Åbo Akademi University Tehtaankatu 2, Turku, Finland

NUAS’s Library Group in cooperation with Åbo Akademi University Library will host a virtual workshop for Nordic library directors on October 7 2020. The theme of the workshop is Citizen Science.

Student-Teacher Communication in the Time of Corona

University of Oslo , Norway

How did the student-teacher communication function when teachers and students left the physical classrooms and moved into digital ones in March 2020? Innovation and Frustration Surveys, carried out by Centre on Experiential Legal Learning (CELL) at the University of Oslo among law students and academic teachers across all disciplines nationally, show both innovation and frustration. […]

Fighting COVID-19 with Communications

This webinar will cover The University of Iceland communications in the times of COVID-19: Providing information and support, first response, reaching staff and students Collaboration with students, social responsibility, providing scientifically accurate information, assisting authorities and civil protection and emergency management. Webinar host Jón Örn Guðbjartsson is the Head of Marketing and Communication at the University of Iceland. He […]

How your brain wants to work 

University of Helsinki , Finland

NUAS Communication Group invites you to the webinar: How your brain wants to work Modern work life is not designed for our ancient brains. How should we organize our work so that it would better take into account the recent neuroscientific findings on the properties of our brain? This talk gives practical tools to develop work […]

Sharing knowledge and joy – how to get the most out of LinkedIn

Malmö University , Sweden

NUAS Communication Group invites you to the webinar: Sharing knowledge and joy – how to get the most out of LinkedIn LinkedIn is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world. Unlike Facebook, it‘s still possible to get great outreach without paying for it.  Despite this, many organisations and individuals merely use LinkedIn for recruitment, employer […]

Indexing your scientists’ social media activity

University of Copenhagen , Denmark

NUAS Communication Group invites you to the webinar: Indexing your scientists’ social media activity Mike Young launched a new index in 2019 that ranks and compares scientists’ social media impact.  It uses a new method to compare scientists based on their follower numbers on the social media platforms most relevant for scientists and researchers – namely […]

Pioneer of open science – Is Finland meeting the expectations?

Do you want to know more about open science in Finland? Finland has declared itself a pioneer of open science in Europe. This goal is supported by the unique national coordination of open science, which is financially supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Development has been very rapid in recent years: setting up […]