The NUAS board is calling upon all NUAS groups, leaders and members, to come together at the Aalborg Campus in Copenhagen from noon til noon January 25 – 26, 2024 to work together on a new NUAS strategy for the next years

Implement Consulting Group in Denmark is working with NUAS and a special task force to prepare the Strategy meeting.
The task force is made up of the following people:
Ína Dögg Eyþórsdóttir – Leader of the group leaders of NUAS
Jesper Smedegaard Madsen – Leader of the NUAS Legal group
Jesper Christan Mørch – Leader of the NUAS Library group
Jónína Kárdal – General Secretary of NUAS

NUAS had its last strategy meeting in 2013 and has worked toward the following vision
NUAS is:
– Relevant, transparent and a professional Nordic network with higher education with a global perspective
– Dedicated to sector, institions and professon
– Open, social and playful
– Operating in tinmely, modern and innovative environment

Ten years make a difference and it is now time to see where NUAS wants to head in the future.

Further information will be sent out to NUAS groups and its members about the strategy work ahead in the following weeks.