What was it all about?
NUAS recently wrapped up a strategy camp where our group and board members came together in Copenhagen for a couple of days to chart our course for the future.
It’s been over 10 years since we’ve done this, so it was definitely time to regroup and see where we’re headed.

The atmosphere was great as more than 100 group and board members from NUAS gathered.
We brainstormed, shared ideas, and got serious about shaping NUAS into something even better.

What came out of it?
Here’s the scoop from the participants:
Teamwork and energy: The power of working together to make the speciale NUAS energy even stronger.
New Ideas: Some fresh ways to improve NUAS.
Clearer Purpose: Very valuable discussions on what NUAS is all about, especially for our newest members.
Understanding NUAS: A better grasp of NUAS—how we’re organized, what we’re good at, what needs work.
Big Picture Thinking: The groups’ value in themselves as well as how they can cooperate and support each other
Time to Reflect: Define where NUAS is heading and its intrinsic value for all of the many member unversities

What happens next?
We are busy working our way through all the great ideas and questions that came up. Some can be tackled right away, others will be discussed in more detail at the next NUAS board meeting in May.
This will be an opportunity to fine-tune NUAS’s purpose, strategy, and what makes us special. Plus, we’ll figure out what’s most important to us—networking, sharing knowledge, providing excellent competence development, growing together are some of what

So, stay tuned! Exciting things are happening at NUAS, and we we look forward to sharing our journey with you.