Roles and Responsibilities

This programme benefits both institutions and individuals in several ways.

Institutions have the opportunity to allow their workflow and challenges seen by a new but experienced set of eyes, build their Nordic network by establishing personal relationships with administrators at other institutions, and give their staff a new perspectives.

Individuals have the chance to broaden their professional skills, get new insight by observing a different organisational and cultural context, find inspiration to improve their own work process, build a wider professional network, and gain perspective on the sector at a higher level.

Co-operation across areas of expertise is encouraged. When two or more persons from different administrative branches of the same institution plan and travel together in order to study a common field of interest, the staff exchange programme contributes to remove possible barriers for co-operation.

Universities are encouraged to promote staff exchange in emerging areas of expertise.

Who does what?


  • Obtains manager’s approval and negotiates with the manager about how duties will be taken care of during the absence.
  • Seeks funding from external sources, e.g. the Erasmus+ programme or makes a deal with his/her employer about compensation.
  • When necessary, contacts the relevant NUAS’ interest group for advice about which universities are suitable host universities in the area of interest.
  • Contacts the host university and writes an application in their own words with a short presentation of themselves and desired task areas with reference to the NUAS’ exchange programme. Agrees on time and programme with his/hers own boss and the host university.
  • Makes necessary travel arrangements.

Home University

  • Approves the travel plans
  • Pays the salary and negotiates with the Exchangee about travel expenses.
  • Reports realized exchanges to the NUAS’ office.
  • Informs employees about NUAS’ staff exchange programme e.g. during performance reviews.

    Host University

    • Approves applications and notifies applicants whether the visit can take place as desired.
    • Provides office space and guidance.
    • Co-signs the certificate of achievement issued by the NUAS’ office.
    • Informs employees about NUAS’ staff exchange programme e.g. during performance reviews.

    NUAS’ Interest groups

    • Offer their expertise on suitable host universities and provide information and guidance.
    • Group members promote the NUAS’ staff exchange programme in their own countries.
    • Surveil relevant funding sources and notify NUAS’ office.

    NUAS’ Office

    • Provides information on the staff exchange programme and on suitable funding sources on its home page.
    • Keeps statistics on realized exchanges.
    • Issues on demand a certificate of achievement.