The NUAS Program for Leaders that started in 2019 was interrupted by the covid-crises in 2020. The group met for a digital seminar in the autumn of 2020 but could finally complete its original course in Reykjavik in 2022.

According to Sissi Valmot, senior advisor and facilitator at the University of Oslo, an initiative for an alumni seminar simmered at that final meeting in Reykjavik, and on the 4–6 of June 2023, 22 of the PLA 2019-2020 participants came together in Torshavn in the Faroe Islands. The agenda covered storytelling in leadership as an aid to strategic communication, and the different development challenges faced across the Nordic university sector. The professional content was enhanced by participants’ own contributions and ensuing discussions. Participants also worked with the leadership and communication impact of personality differences, and with “Action Learning” – working with personal leadership matters in groups.

The seminar in Torshavn has contributed greatly to strengthening even more the network between the participants. At the end of the seminar a committee for organising the next alumni seminar was set up.

A huge thanks to University of the Faroe Islands for supporting this network, strengthening initiative and the great hospitality. Thanks to Heidi Adolfsen, Johan Hansen and Mia Oldenburg for the initiative, and to Heather Forsyth for sparring with us on the program. Kudos to University Director Johan Hansen and his colleague Louisa for a superb social program, with the visit to Kirkjebøur as an unforgettable highlight!

The Feature picture is of the PLA 2019-2020 Alumni group – together at the Nordic House in the Faroe Islands