NUAS has launched a new and updated website which will help Nordic Universities to work even better together. The website has several new features where the goal is to simplify access to news from NUAS universities and activities.

What is new on NUAS´s website?  Users will be able to easily access information through a clear and visible menu where you can look up for example events, members and groups.  There is a news feature where we will be able to report on exciting happenings.  NUAS and groups feature their social media account. All this makes it easier to report on what is going on within NUAS!

The website creates a versatile gateway to information about NUAS, news about activities and events, what our NUAS groups are working on and supporting the NUAS´s vision of being its members´ preferred network for exchange of knowledge, competence and creativity with regards to administraion and services.

This update is the result of hard work that started a year ago and NUAS would like to thank Ragna Anna Skinner from the University of Iceland for supervising the development.

We look forward to staying in touch with NUAS members all around the Nordic countries – linking up and learning together.