Student Administration and Counselling

Target audience

Staff working with student administration — with a particular focus on study and career counsellors. Additionally, the group has an interest in spreading knowledge about higher education policy in the Nordic region to strengthen our Nordic identity and learn from each other’s innovations.

Focus areas

The group works with questions related to Nordic university students. Its focus is recruitment, admissions, student counselling and career counselling and the transition to the job market. The learning environment, student information, and student mobility within Scandinavia are also topics of interest.

The group keeps pace with current education policy and policy debates in the Nordic countries and strives to be a resource for member institutions’ staff working with student administration and to disseminate knowledge via seminars and webinars.

Activities in the past year

  • Monthly meetings
  • Physical group meeting, Uppsala June 2023
  • NUAS conference organizers, “DiscoverTogether Conference 2023”, Uppsala June 2023

Activity goals  2024-2025

  • Online group meetings every month
  • Physical meeting, autumn 2024

Group leader

Christina Th. Brøkker-Knudsen


University of Southern Denmark