Target audience

Nordic universities´ staff members interested in sustainability issues, education and research. Sustainability / environmental / CSR directors, managers and coordinators.

Focus areas

The group aims at enhancing the integration of sustainability into Nordic higher education institutions and promotes sustainable practices in all campus operations. This includes advising the goals in UN 2030 Agenda in research and education for sustainable development and campus management. Wider societal impact by outreach activities and positive global visibility by active communications.

Activities 2023-2024

WEBINAR:   Implementation and management of a circular public procurement contract for furniture

Circular public procurement (CPP) is one way to increase sustainability and circularity in public spending. As previous research focuses primarily on procurement, more insight is needed on the latter stages CPP. Real-life examples of CPP implementation are also required to promote the concept to practitioners, improve governance, and add depth to the literature.

The study “Implementation and management of a circular public procurement contract for furniture” (, therefore, provides in-depth knowledge of CPP implementation and management by analyzing a case of circular furniture flows and its implications for the procuring organization.

The essay Interior architecture in the circular economy: Quality and sustainability aspects of interior design in public environments  investigates composite design qualities in interior design and how these can be made more sustainable in the circular economy. Greater demands are placed on a reuse of products. Climate change requires us to slow down our consumption. Working life is moving towards a more flexible physical environment where people must constantly make choices.

The Webinar will be hosted by Sofia Lingegård (Researcher KTH), Kristina von Oelreich, Sustainability Manager/Researcher and Marika Strömberg (Interior architect) KTH, Royal Institute of Technology.

  1. Welcome and introduction, Kristina von Oelreich
  2. Key note speaker, Sofia Lingegård, Implementation and management of a circular public procurement contract for furniture.
  3. Key note speaker, Marika Strömberg- Circular property management – how to extend the lifespan of public spaces.
  4. Coffee break 10 min
  5. Break out rooms foe sharing experience and knowledge
  6. Reporting back in Plenum, Kristina von Oelreich


Wednesday 1 November 14:00-16:00 ECT


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Group leader

Kristina von Oelreich

Group leader, Sustainability Office
KTH Royal Institute of Technology