Target audience

Legal advisers working with legal administrative matters at Nordic universities.

Focus areas

Selected legal topics of current interest. At present the main focus for the Legal group is data protection, data management, information security, research ethics, and responsible conduct of research.

The Legal group also has the objective to address these topics: how to structure legal services in a university, how to make rules and guidelines effective, academic freedom in a legal structure, intellectual properties.


Activity goals for the period 2022-2023

  • The group  arranged a webinar in June 2022 on different national issues related to GDPR
  • The group holds regular online meetings, approximately once a month
  • The group will meet in Helsinki in November 2022 and another on site meeting is planned for the spring of 2023, but not yet decided on the host​.
  • The group is planning a joint on site conference with NUAS HR to be held in the fall of 2023

Group leader

Jesper Smedegaard Madsen

Senior legal adviser
Copenhagen Business School