Faculty Administration

Target audience

Faculty level administrative directors and leaders with general administrative or service responsibilities for their organization, e.g. directors of faculty, administrative managers, heads of administration, services managers and equivalent, middle management in the university. All other university administrators are welcome too, if interested in our groups’ events.

Focus areas

The focus of our latest seminars and for the group is change in organization and structural changes within universities or the university sector. Also, some focus is put on economic cuts that have occurred in some countries. We are also interested in how to achieve our goals as effectively and professionally as possible as well as in management systems and implementing of decisions. Discussions, experience transfer and benchmarking of best practices are the heart of our methods.

Activity goals for 2022-2023

  • Online meetings for the group:
    • October 26 on 2022, 
    • January 12 on year 2023,
    • other meeting schedule agreed later.
  • Web-workshop or webinar in  March,2023
  • On-site meeting May 25-26 2023, Copenhagen
  • Planning of workshop in Bergen May 15-16, 2024



Group leader

Elisabeth Müller Lysebo

Deputy Director General
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
University of Bergen

E-mail: Elisabeth.Lysebo@uib.no