Target audience

Mainly those who work with planning processes and economy, in particular personnel categories with an operational responsibility for these functions and processes.

Focus areas 

  • How do we plan for long-term change? Long-term forecasts, scenarios for development etc.
  • What are we measuring and why? How much do we measure and are we able to tell when achieving our goals?
  • Strategic work and planning processes at the university level in relation to the faculty and department level.
  • How does our processes contribute to efficiency and how to make the most out of available resources?
  • Benchmarking in these areas at different levels of our organisations.

Activity goals for 2022-2023

  • Group meeting every month – digitally
  • Physical group meeting each semester (Helsinki September 2022)
  • Webinar about “Management through data” is planned in december.
  • Planning for a physical conference in May 2023

Group leader

Dan Guttke

Deputy University Director
Karlstad University