NUAS Legal & HR conference 2023

Åbo, Finland

NUAS Legal & HR are proud to present their conference  in Åbo (Turku), Finland on topics, which affect all HR and Legal employees across the Nordic universities.

At the conference there will be speakers talking about:
What is the state of academic freedom at the universities and what challenges is academic freedom facing?
– How are the different Nordic countries handling sexual harassment cases and what different issues arise when handling the specific cases?
– How have the export control rules been implemented at the Nordic universities and what do you need to be aware of?
– What are the experiences from having a whistleblower hotline and how has it been implemented in some of the Nordic universities.

There will also be plenty of time to network with your colleagues from across the Nordic universities along with a social programme and dinner to end the first day of the conference.

Organizing committee:

NUAS Legal group

Jesper Smedegaard Madsen. Copenhagen Business School
Martine Snåre, Åbo Akademi University

NUAS HR group

Guðrún Margrét Eysteinsdóttir, University of Iceland
Mika Wulff, Åbo Akademi University






DAY 1:

9.00-10.00                          Registration at campus (Åbo Akademi University, Arken building)

10.00-11.00                        Guided campus walk (Åbo Akademi University)

11.00-12.00                        Registration at Visitor Centre Joki 11-12 (for those not registered)

12.00-13.00                       Lunch and coffee(Joki)

13.00- 14.00                       Joint opening session (Joki, Cave hall)

  • Welcome and some practical things, Mika Wulff & Martina Snåre, Åbo Akademi University
  • Welcome speech by the  Mikael Lindfelt, Rector of Åbo Akademi University
  • Combining Legal and HR, Mika Wulff & Martina Snåre

14.15-16.30                        TRACK 1: Export control (Joki, Cave hall)

Export control rules affect a lot of universities because researchers want to collaborate with interesting partners, but the focus of the researchers might not be on the risk associated with sharing products, software or similar with external partners. In this session you will be able to get an introduction to the export control rules and what is covered by them as well as an introduction to how two Nordic universities have handled the implementation of the rules at each university.

  • Export control rules/ Ministry of foreign affairs of Finland
  • The implementation of export control rules/ Aalborg, KTH
  • Panel debate

Moderator: Jesper Smedegaard Madsen

  • Export control rules
    Henri Loukusa, Specialist, Ministry of foreign affairs of Finland
  • The implementation of export control rules/ Aalborg, KTH
    Ulla Olesen, Senior Consultant, Aalborg University
    Nina Schjoldager, Deputy Director, Aalborg University
    Jenny Karlsson, Senior Research Advisor, KTH
    Fredrik Karlsson, Research Ethics Advisor KTH
  • Panel debate
    Henri Loukusa, Ulla Olesen, Nina Schjoldager, Jenny Karlsson & Fredrik Karlsson.


14.15-16.30                       TRACK 2: Whistleblowing (Joki, Putous auditorium, second floor)

Whistleblowers has been known for many years, but within the last couple of years, the Nordic countries have either adopted laws regarding whistleblowers and how they should be treated or have started discussions on adopting such laws. In this session you will be able to get an insight into how whistleblowing cases affect Legal and HR departments at the universities and the experiences that have already been made at some of the universities which have already implemented whistleblower hot lines.

Moderator: Guðrún M. Eysteinsdóttir


        Sonja Dykorn, Deputy Director General, University of Bergen
        Jan Frode Knarvik, Senior Adviser, University of Bergen
        Elena Yalovenko, Legal Advisor, Copenhagen Business School

  • Introduction to the legal and HR aspect of whistleblowing and how those aspects are related when handling such cases such as universities (speaker to be announced later)
  • What have we learned from whistleblowing cases – real life examples and how it has been done – incl. led group discussion

15.00 – 16.00  Coffee served at leisure and break taken when convenient

Possibility to check into hotels

17.30- 18.30                      Pre-dinner reception (Sibelius museum, Piispankatu 17)

19.00                                   Conference Dinner (Restaurant Grädda, Piispankatu 15)



DAY 2:

9.00- 12.00                                         TRACK 1: Freedom of speech and research (Joki, Cave hall)

The universities are seeing an increasing pressure on both education and research and whether there are certain topics that cannot be considered research or whether there are topics, data sets or educational material which cannot be used in education. In this session you will get both an insight into discussions from Denmark regarding the implementation of the Chicago principles and into how academic freedom can be viewed from an international perspective

Moderator: Jesper Smedegaard Madsen

  • Academic freedom and the Chicago principles from a Danish perspective/ Jacob v. H. Holtermann, Associate Professor in Legal Philosophy, PhD, University of Copenhagen
  • Academic freedom from an international perspective/ Claudia Tazreiter, Professor, Linköping University
  • Panel debate:  Jacob v.H. Holtermann & Claudia Tazreiter

    9.00- 12.00                                        TRACK 2: Harassment (Joki, Putous auditorium, second floor )

    Sexual harassment has always been present at the universities but has since the MeToo movement seen an increase in awareness towards the topic. In this session you will get input to the business, legal and moral aspects which relate to handling these cases and what it is important to be aware of when working with such cases. You will also get a chance to discuss how to prevent and respond to sexual harassment at your university.

    Moderator: Guðrún M. Eysteinsdóttir

    • Business, legal, and moral cases for working with sexual harassment –definitions and implications

              Sofie Skovbo Gottlieb, DEI leader, Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

             Susanne Herts, HR lawyer, Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

    • Interactive part – how to prevent and respond to sexual harassment – led group discussion


    9.45 – 10:45      Coffee served at leisure and break taken when convenient

    12.00-13.00          Lunch and coffee (Joki)

    13.00-15.00          Joint closing session Legal & HR (Joki, Cave hall)
    Moderators : Guðrún M. Eysteinsdóttir & Jesper Smedegaard Madsen


    14.00-15.15          Coffee served at leisure and break taken when convenient

    • Discussion in groups – what have we learned and how will we use that knowledge within our university?
















      Pre-dinner reception

       After lectures on Wednesday, the evening continues with an informal Pre-dinner reception. Join to meet colleagues and network. A glass of sparkling wine will be served.

      (Included in the NUAS Legal & HR 2023 conference participation fees, but pre-registration is required.)
      Venue: Sibelius Museum, Piispankatu 17
      Date: Wednesday, 13 September
      Time: 17.30-18.30

      Conference dinner
      Join the Conference dinner at Restaurant Grädda and spend a memorable evening in good company!

      (Included in the NUAS Legal & HR 2023 conference participation fees, but pre-registration is required.)

      Venue: Restaurant Grädda, Piispankatu 15
      Date: Wednesday, 13 September
      Time: 19.00 –

      Guided Campus walk

      On Wednesday morning, you can join a Guided Campus walk, tickets 10 eur. Get inspired by the surroundings of the Åbo Akademi University and its history. Pre-registration is required.
      Date: Wednesday, 13 September
      Time: 10.00 – 11.00







      Register here

      Early bird registration is valid until Friday July 7th and after that date a late fee will apply.

      Registration information

      NUAS HR & Legal 2023 Conference will be organised as an onsite meeting in Turku, Finland.

      Conference registration fees include:

      • Attendance in the programme 13-14 September
      • Pre-dinner reception on Wednesday, 13 September
      • Conference dinner on Wednesday, 13 September
      • Materials, coffee/tea and lunch on the conference days as marked in the programme

      On Wednesday, 13 September, you can also join a Guided Campus walk, tickets 10 eur.

      Registration fees:
      Participant 450 eur (early bird)

      Participant 550 eur (late fee after July 7, 2023)

      The registration fees are not subject to VAT, except for separate social programme tickets VAT 24% is applied (Guided Campus walk).

       Methods of payment

      1) Credit card payment
      On the registration form, choose the credit card payment and fill in the payment card details. Payment service provider Paytrail Plc.

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      The registration fees are invoiced by Aboa Congress and Event Services (VAT FI2805028-8) on behalf of the local organiser Åbo Akademi University (VAT FI0246312-1).
      All payments must be made in euros (EUR).

      Cancellation policy & insurance

      Cancellation of registration must be made in writing (email) to before 21 June 2023. No fees will be refunded after this date.  A processing fee of EUR 50 will be deducted from all refunds.

      In the event that the meeting is cancelled by the Meeting Organisers, or cannot take place for any reason outside the control of the Meeting Organisers, the registration fee shall be refunded in full. The liability of the Meeting Organiser shall be limited to that refund.

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      Change of the participant

      At any time after registration, in case you will be unable to attend for any reason, you will have the opportunity to send a colleague in your place with no additional cost. In such case, please contact Aboa Congress and Event at as soon as possible.






      NUAS Speakers 


      Jakob Holtermann, Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen, Academic freedom   

       Fredrik Karlsson, Research Ethics Advisor, KTH, Export control 

       Jenny Karlsson, Senior Research Advisor, KTH, Export control  

       Henri Loukusa, Specialist, Finnish Foreign Ministry, Export control 

       Ulla Olesen, Senior Consultant, Aalborg University, Export control  

       Nina Schjoldager, Deputy Director, Aalborg University, Export control  

       Claudia Tazreiter, Professor, Linköping University, Academic freedom 


      HR TRACKS 

       Sonja Dyrkorn, Deputy Director General, University of Bergen, Whistleblowing 

       Sofie Gottlieb, DEI Lead Copenhagen Business School, Harassment 

       Susanne Hertz, Chief Consultant, CBS, Harassment 

       Jan Frode Knarvik, Senior Adviser, University of Bergen, Whistleblowing 

       Elena Yalovenko, Legal Advisor, Copenhagen Business School, Whistleblowing 



      In Turku and the Southwest-Finland region, it’s easy for the traveller to get around on public transportation. Cities and towns have an efficient public transportation system, and longer distances can be covered in the comfort of long-distance buses and trains. In addition, there is a passenger ferry harbour and an international airport in Turku. For more information about Turku and travel connections, please visit the Visit Turku website.


      From Stockholm, you may choose to travel to Turku on a ferry through one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the world. Daily connections between Stockholm and Turku are operated by Tallink Silja and Viking Line. The ferry takes about 10 hrs.

      From Turku harbour, there is a regular bus to city centre (distance approx. 3 km), bus line no 1 which runs about every 10-20 minutes. Tickets cost 3 euros (11 p.m. – 4 a.m.  4 euros) and can be purchased through the “Föli” mobile app, as well as with contactless payment in the bus. More information can be found here.


      Turku Airport
      Turku has an international airport and it is easy to reach by air via Stockholm, Riga, and Gdansk. From Turku airport, there is a regular bus to city centre (distance approx. 8 km), bus line no 1 which runs about every 20 minutes. Tickets cost 3 euros (11 p.m. – 4 a.m.  4 euros) and can be purchased through the “Föli” mobile app, as well as with contactless payment in the bus. More information can be found here.

      A taxi ride to the centre of Turku will cost around 25 euros. All taxis accept credit/debit cards. Taxi in Turku: You can reserve a taxi by phone: +358 2 10041. There are also several taxi stands in the City centre.


      Helsinki Airport
      If you fly to Helsinki, from Helsinki-Vantaa airport there is a bus to Turku operated by Expressbus (travel time 2-2,5 hours).

      If you fly with Finnair you can also use Finnair´s direct bus connection between Helsinki Airport and Turku. More information here.

      Another option is to travel by train: first take the commuter train from the airport to Helsinki, to Pasila station, and change in Pasila to a train to Turku. Trains to Turku depart about every hour (between 5 a.m. and 8.30 p.m.). The trip to Turku from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport-Helsinki-Pasila station takes about 2.5 hours.

      By train
      Train travel is another convenient way to get to Turku. VR manages the railway network in Finland.
      The Turku main railway station is less than a 15-minute walk from the city centre (trains arriving from direction of Tampere), and the Kupittaa station (trains arriving from the direction of Helsinki), located on the east side of the city, about 2.5 km from the conference venue and 2 km from the city centre Market square.

      Please note! In August 2022, a track work stopped the train service between Turku Central and Kupittaa for two years, and trains to Helsinki will arrive and depart from the Kupittaa station. You can find the up-to-date information from the link below.

      VR: For the next two years Kupittaa is the new Turku

      Further travel information



       Staying in Turku

      We have selected two Turku city centre hotels to recommend for you and one hotel located in Kupittaa area, close to the conference venue.

      All hotels have special room rates for the NUAS Legal & HR  Conference 2023 participants.

      Please make your booking directly to the hotel, see contact details below. The hotel fees include breakfast, service and VAT. All hotel fees are payable directly to the hotel.

      Please note that the rooms can only be booked according to the hotels booking situation and we strongly encourage you to make the hotel reservations well in advance as there are many events happening in Turku around the time of the conference.

      We hope you will enjoy your stay in Turku!

       Hotel Scandic Julia
      Eerikinkatu 4, 20100 Turku

      Phone: +358 2 336000

      Scandic Julia is a modern hotel in the centre of Turku, near shopping streets and the River Aurajoki. Everything is close at hand. Vähätori square, with its restaurants and cafés, is just a short walk away. When staying in Julia, you will have full access to the hotel gym and sauna.

      The hotel has modern and comfortable rooms and a bistro-style restaurant. There is an indoor parking garage located next to the hotel, and it also has a charging point for electric cars. Guests at Julia always have access to free WiFi throughout the hotel.

      Hotel Scandic Julia is certified under the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.
      Standard, single room 145,00 eur/night
      Standard, double room 165,00 eur/night

       Reservations can be made via the hotel website using the booking code BNUA120923, or by phone or email, using the hotel contact details above.

      Please note that the reservations in Scandic hotel Julia must be made by 29 August 2023 or on the basis of the hotel’s booking situation.


      Original Sokos Hotel Wiklund
      Eerikinkatu 4, 20100 Turku

      Phone: +358 300 870 000

      Original Sokos Hotel Wiklund is an ideal choice for travellers who appreciate central location. A completely renewed urban hotel, located at the corner of the lively Turku Market Square.

      A variety of restaurants and the panoramic rooftop bar Walo offer their services to visitors. And of course everything else you would expect in a quality hotel: sumptuous breakfast, free Wi-Fi, comfortable rooms. When staying in Wiklund, you will also have full access to the hotel sauna Wihta.

      Hotel Wiklund is certified under the STF label for sustainable travel.

      You check in at the reception, which also happens to be the hotel’s trendy coffee bar lounge.

      Standard, single room 119,00 eur/night
      Standard, double room 139,00 eur/night

       Reservations can be made via the hotel website using the booking code BNUAS2023, or by phone or email using the booking code NUAS2023, hotel contact details above.

      Please note that the reservations in Sokos hotel Wiklund must be made by 13 August 2023 or on the basis of the hotel’s booking situation.

      Original Sokos Hotel Kupittaa
      Joukahaisenkatu 6, 20520 Turku
      Phone: +358 300 870 000


      Original Sokos Hotel Kupittaa is a modern hotel located right in the heart of Kupittaa, a fast-growing area in Turku. The atmosphere at the hotel is relaxed, while stylish, and the hotel staff do their very best to ensure your comfort.

      Enjoy a hearty breakfast or lunch, pop in for a drink after meeting at the rooftop bar Kuppis or spend a leisurely evening in the atmospheric Elli bistro.

      Universities of Turku are located close by and the conference venue Joki only a stone’s throw away.

      You can reach the centre of Turku on foot, by Fölläri city bike or local bus from right in front of the hotel. There is a direct connection to the hotel from the Kupittaa train station. The hotel also has parking.

      Standard, single room 99,00 eur/night
      Standard, double room 119,00 eur/night

      Reservations can be made via the hotel website using the booking code BNUA230912, or by phone or email to the hotel, using the booking code NUAS2023, hotel contact details above.

      Please note that the reservations in Sokos Hotel Kupittaa must be made by 13 August 2023 or on the basis of the hotel’s booking situation.




      If you have questions regarding the programme, please contact:

      Martina Snåre
      Åbo Akademi University


      Sonja Laitamäki
      Åbo Akademi University


      Registration and practical details

      If you have any questions regarding registration, accommodation, or the social programme,
      please contact:
      Aboa Congress and Event –