Sustainable worklife in Nordic universities – finalizing the NUAS Program for Leaders in Administration 2023-2024

We have just finished our circle around the sun – or the circle of the NUAS Program for Leaders in Administration program.(PLA)
Last year in the beginning of June,  NUAS launched the PLA program in Reykjavík, Iceland  where 34 Nordic University Administrative leaders started their program journey designed around the roles and functions of administrative leaders in an academic setting.
The program consists of five seminars held over a year´s time span and the participants have been engaged in the topics of:

The role of leaders in administration in the Nordic HE context:​

  • The role of leaders in administration in the Nordic HE context
  • Change Management,
  • You, as a leader,
  • Higher Education in the Nordic countries  Building a Great Place to Work and
  • Future-proof organizations and regenerative leadership

These seminars have been held in partnership with NUAS University members: the University of Iceland, Univerisity of Helsinki, Karlstad University, Oslo Metropolitan University and jointly by University of Aalborg & University of the Faroe Islands where their representatives formed a Planning group along with the NUAS General Secretary.
The participants have reported  on gaining new perspectives on leadership, sharing experiences and listening to others and being able to use different tools to grow as a leader has been most beneficial for them as a leader in administration.
Due to unforeseen circumstances the last seminar was moved from the Faroe Islands to the Aalborg Campus in Copenhagen.  This did not derail the participants at all and they have voiced that they would like to foster and strengthen the connections and network and meet again in a year´s time – perhaps in the Faroe Islands!

Here are some pictures from Copenhagen

Future organizations and Regenerative Leadership was the topic for seminar 5

A collage from prior seminars: Reykjavík, Helsinki, Karlstad and Oslo

Discussing challenges of the future



  • Participants experienced some Danish rain

    A great location at Aalborg Univeristy Campus in Sydhavn Copenhagen

    Group work