How is position acquired

Appointed by the group and approved by the Board.



4 years (+4)



-Know the purpose and strategy of NUAS
-The group’s spokesperson
-Onboarding for new group members
-Hold regular meetings with groups (At least one in-person meeting annually)
-Responsible for ensuring that all documents are stored in TEAMS
-Responsible for building a target group/e-mail list from events
-Ensure rotation within each group (in cooperation with Board and directors)
-Inform Gensec of events and report back on participants, outcome, photos.
-Present the group’s work to the Board
-Make sure all members are active and spread tasks so no one is overburdened
-Cooperate within the group and with the other NUAS groups
-Assess applications for funds for development activites
-Know which areas the other groups work with regarding possible collaboration


Where & When

Meetings in different locations at the group members universities.