How is position acquired

Appointed by the Chair.



2 years.



-Know the purpose and strategy of NUAS
-Have an overview of the status of all groups and their members
-Implements the Boards’ decisions
-Have an ongoing dialogue with the group leaders
-Prepares all practical matters for Board meetings as well as the agenda in coordination with the Chairman and the Leader Group.
-Keeps records of Board and Group Leader meetings
-Handles day-to day leaderships of NUAS
-Administers membership applications
-Consult with chair regarding day-to-day matters
-Update website and SoME, including events for the groups
-Onboarding for new member universities as well as group members
-Ensure that news of NUAS’ activity is made available to all members (Web &Newsletter)
-Assist with recruitment to groups and follow up
-Follow up on rotation within groups
-Administer finances, refunds for members and overview of budget
-Engage with similar organizations outside of the Nordic region


Where & When

Ongoing updates, ad hoc onboarding, quarterly newsletter.