Student Administration and Career Counselling and Guidance

Target audience:

Career and guidance counsellors and university academics who meet with applicants and enrolled students, and who address students´ needs during their daily work.

Focus areas:

Recruitment and admissions, academic choices and information-giving, career choices and the transition to the labour market, the academic and learning environment and increased student mobility in the Nordic countries.  Informing about the general developments in educational policy and debates in Nordic countries

Activity goals in the period 2014‒2016:

A joint conference on the topic of the learning environment and quality is planned with the following groups:  Library Service, ICT, and Facilities and Environment. Each group will select and manage a sub-topic. During the period 2015‒2016 the group is planning several activities, the purpose of which will be to discuss the EU policies on higher education and research in terms of employability.